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Stereogram Optical Illusion

Look through the screen, beyond the pictures at this optical illusion. What color is the image you see? Does it help to relax and uncross your eyes?

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This is a stereogram optical illusion where two colors are combined to make one that is impossible to create on a computer screen or on paper.


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Luminous black like graphite.

Seeing this optical illusion can be rather difficult, even for people who are experienced at seeing stereograms. The reason is that the two images don't exactly create a stereo image since they are such different colors. However, it is sometimes possible to see the color of this optical illusion without actually locking on to the stereo image.


The colors of the two pieces in this optical illusion are mixed together in a way that creates the appearance of a color that is normally impossible to create in print or on a computer screen. The two hemispheres of the brain are mixing color information that suggests both a dark object and one that is reflective. This is combined to suggest that the object is a luminous, dark gray.

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