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Black and White Spinning Wheel Optical Illusion

What do you see when you stare at this high speed animation?

Do you see any other colors besides black and white?

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Would you believe that you can sometimes see colors from a spinning black and white disk? This optical illusion is an attempt to recreate that effect.


Scroll down for the answer and explanation.



We can not really make any claims about what you will or will not see in this optical illusion since it may depend on the type of computer hardware and screen you have available. However, if you take a real paper disk with a pattern like this and spin it, you often will see some interesting color effects. Yes, you can see color from a black and white disk.


We are not aware of a complete and adequate explanation of this optical illusion. The effect, however does seem to be related to how color is sensed in the cones of the eye. The sensing of blue seems to be the fastest, whereas the sensing of green seems to be the slowest. And red is in between. Other color effects can be obtained by changing from a black and white disk to different color mixtures.

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