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Moving Straight Plate Optical Illusion

Can you see this optical illusion moving and shifting?

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This optical illusion seems to keep shifting and moving. Can you explain why?


Scroll down for the explanation.


Most people can see the optical illusion move and shift if they look at it for a while. Many people also report seeing the center section shimmer and shake.


The world we live in is three dimensional. We try to convert a two dimensional object into a 3D one. Here, in this optical illusion, our mind tries to make sense of these 2D objects. The shading used in this drawing is completely incongruous. We lock onto a bit of the illustration that looks appropriately shaded but then find it conflicts with the shading in nearby areas. The eyes keep jumping around the drawing trying to map out a 3D solution that would make the shading illustration make sense, but it never seems to work.

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