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Impossible Window 3D Optical Illusion

This optical illusion has two flaws. Can you find them both?

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Can you find the two errors in this optical illusion?


Scroll down for the answer and explanation.




1.) The bars could not be made like this in real life.

2.) The part of the moon that is in the earth's shadow would obscure the star.


1) This optical illusion uses the techniques of perspective angles and shading. The piece going up and down in the middle is connected to the other pieces using perspective angles that make it look like it connects in an impossible way. We use visual clues from a two dimensional object to interpret it in a three dimensional way.

The shading of the piece going up and down adds to the optical illusion.

2) This moon is in the crescent stage. But if it were a full moon, we would see that it would obscure the star next to it. The moon would still obscure the star, even in the crescent stage.

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