Impossible Triangle 3D Optical IllusionThe medical world has verified that laughter releases endorphins, God's natural painkillers, which are fifty to one hundred times more powerful than morphine. - Marilyn Meberg
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Impossible Triangle 3D Optical Illusion

Is this similar to a Mobius strip?

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This 3D triangle optical illusion is impossible to create for real.



Yes. If you walk along any surface and follow it along, you'll get back to the point you started without retracing your steps.


This optical illusion uses the 3D techniques of shading, color variations and perspective angles to simulate the image of a three dimensional object which would be difficult to build.

The corner angles are not where they should be if this were a normal 3D triangle. The added color variation helps the eye track the surface as intended to create this optical illusion.

You can also take another look at a hand drawn Impossible 3D Triangle Optical Illusion.

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