In this Optical Illusion, the mind uses the perspective clues to see a flat object as 3D, but also sees the apparently closer object as smaller.Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
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Bowling Optical Illusion

Are the three pin lights on the wall and the pin in the lower right corner the same size?

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Can you see a two dimensional object as 3D without distorting the actual size of the objects in the picture?


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The mind constantly takes two dimensional images it sees and converts the data into a map of reality, which is three dimensional. In this optical illusion, we see the pins on the wall as being way down at the end of the bowling alley, so they must be larger. The closer pin also sits next to a bowling ball to give a reference to its size. The bowling ball way down the alley is used as a reference for the size of the pins on the wall, making them seem larger.

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